Our Company


George Daphney Human Resource (GDHR) Services, as a division of George Daphney Limited, is an international corporate solutions provider with a focus on Human Resource and support services. We provide quality strategic and innovative HR and workforce solutions to both people and organizations throughout Europe, Africa & Asia.

Our expertise spans a host of outsourcing and consulting solutions, including recruitment, human resource management, vendor management, organizational development, and resource planning.

Whether you are experiencing some challenges seeking employment or searching for the right candidate(s) to hire, we are here to help you overcome those challenges. Our team consists of skilled and highly knowledgeable professionals of diverse fields of expertise who constantly push the envelop to ensure the success of your organization.

One of the greatest rewards of working in this industry is being able to affect positive changes within organizations and in people. At GDHR Services, we value the satisfaction of our people. We understand the importance of workplace satisfaction and we strive to successfully bring people and businesses together while prioritizing company culture and business needs.

When it comes to strategy, we have it. We constantly search for new & innovative ways of delivering solutions that provide added business advantages for your company. We consult organizations on the business processes and practices essential for developing and managing an outstanding workforce.